Area Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is an occasional yet essential part of our household chores. Area rugs tend to get very dirty with deep embedded food particles, dust, pet stains, pet accidents, smoking, shoe dirt, mud; oil marks especially if the area rug sees a lot of traffic. It is therefore important that you keep the rug clean, in order to maintain proper hygiene, heighten the overall home decor and preserve your investment to buy the rug.

The Material of your Rug Matters

  • Oriental rugs, wool or hand-knotted material: The range of delicate and expensive rugs made of wool or hand-knotted material demand extra care while cleaning.

  • Rich Dye Rugs: Some variation of rugs have rich dyes, might get heavily discolored if proper cleaning solution and mechanisms are not used. The bleeding color could not just cause irreversible damage to your rug but also stain the floor below.

  • Wall-to-Wall rugs: Certain wall-to-wall rugs are made of synthetic fibers, which require strong cleaners and shampoos. Steam cleaning is standard for synthetic wall-to-wall rugs.

  • Fur, sheepskin and hide rugs: this kind of carpet or rug requires unscented talcum powder to be brushed through the hair. Use cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soap solution to wipe off the dirt and stains.

The size, material and construction of the rug are the key decisive factor. We aren’t comfortable sending our car to a mechanic you haven’t totally vetted. Similarly, an expensive carpet or rug requires professional intervention. Professional Carpet and rug cleaners are skilled and trained to remove dirt and stains without causing any damage to the fabric.

Why Professional Rug Cleaners Inspect Your Rug

We often mistake carpet cleaners as area rug cleaners. Though the mode of operation could be strikingly similar, the underlying methodologies and choice of cleaning solution would differ depending on the material and type of rug. Professional rug cleaners inspect the fibers, dye, condition and nature of dirt to determine the type of cleaning solution to be used.

  • After you are satisfied with the time estimates and cost involved, the rug is taken to a dedicated facility.

  • The rug is then dusted with compressed air techniques that essentially remove dust and dirt particles.

  • The rugs are usually hand-cleaned and gradually rinsed to avoid color-damage.

  • While some rugs demand natural drying, others are dried using fresh air breeze.

  • The drying process also involves combing, brushing and fluffing of the pile to bring out the true natural beauty.

  • It is essential that no harsh chemicals or automatic rough machines are used to wash or dry your rug.

Why it’s Time You Clean Your Area Rug?

The dirt and allergens present in a dirty area rug could be a potential breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Rotting micro-food particles and pet messes could significantly aggravate the problem. With children around, such rugs may lead to serious infections and diseases. Seeking professional help to clean your area rug is the best way to ensure your family’s healthy well-being.